• Lilian van DaalLilian van Daal (1988), graduated from Industrial Product Design HAN – Arnhem in 2010 and in January 2014 she graduated from the Postgraduate Course Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art – The Hague.

    Lilian van Daal sees herself as a mediator between the natural and the artificial or designed world. She experiments with innovative technologies and materials in order to create new shapes and structures. With the resulting objects she aspires to provide insights and contribute to more sustainable production methods. Lilian van Daal believes in the solutions and inspiration that nature and organic processes offer. Looking at the ordinary from a new perspective, gives way to new possibilities. She converts the experiment to useful connections, collaborations and applications.

    With her work, she won the Public Award Ontwerp en Innovatieprijs Gelderland, the Volvo Design Challenge 2015 and the Bio Art and Design Award 2016. Her work has been exhibited in Milaan, Vienna, Madrid and several places in The Netherlands. In 2017 her work ‘Shapes of Sweden’ has been purchased for the private collection of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France.

    Besides her own work, she has worked for Studio Drift, Feiz Design, Bleijh Concept & Design and StudioMOM.

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